Saturday, March 5, 2011

I love "stuff"

Day 3

This past week I did some shopping. New sunglasses on Wednesday; new eye pillows and leggings Friday night. Last week there was a new coat, new work clothes. I don't think I am a shopaholic-I just love "stuff". I like looking at stuff, buying stuff, and having stuff. I have lots of hair stuff; gels, mouse, leave-in conditioners, hairspray, heat spray, 2 curling irons, a flat iron, etc. I have lots of beauty stuff; I currently have 5 bottles of lotion that I use regularly, 4 bottles of perfume, about 20 different shades of eyeshadow, and 8 sticks of eyeliner, just to name a few. I have lots of house stuff; picture frames that don't have photos in them, candles that have never been lit. The list could go on and on.

So what is the root of all this stuff? Well, I have thought that maybe I like stuff because I didn't have much stuff when I was a kid, so I am trying to make up for it now somehow. Or maybe, it is like a mini-addiction, a form of disease, that I just can't stop shopping. But, I really can't buy either of those ideas. I am not going broke shopping. I just think it's who I am. I just like stuff.

This whole thing is lost on WB. It is pretty common for us to have the following conversation:
Me: I'm going to Target, do you need anything?
WB: No. What are you going to Target for?
Me: To look at stuff.
WB: Like what?
Me: I don't know yet, but I will find something.

And I always find something-who doesn't at Target (or Kohl's, or Macy's, or online)!

But, every once in a while, it happens. It is usually when I don't get much sleep, or if I don't feel good. When I am grumpy.  My "stuff" turns to "shit". As in-"How did we get so much shit in the medicine cabinet?" or "What is all this shit in the closet?" or "How are we going to fit all this shit in the fridge?" And when that happens, out come the trash bags, and the purging begins. It is all very organized, and usually my friends benefit from my stuff turning to shit. So, if I bring you a bag of clothes I think you might like, make-up or beauty products I don't use anymore, it is likely because in the past week I had an episode where my stuff turned into shit.

The beauty of all this is when my "stuff" turns to "shit", it opens up room for more stuff! Oh the wonderful irony!

About me:
1. I am a rightionist who is striving to wing it every once in a while.
2. I am inspired by others; I am on this earth to relate to others. I am a social worker.
3. I love stuff, until it turns to shit.


  1. I identify all too well. :) I think its a girl thing. My favorite bathroom was in a house that had a full length cabinet IN the shower so I didn't have to step out to choose which of my 5 shampoos or 10 conditioners I felt like using at any given time. :) I think all girls need such a cabinet, as a ledge around the tub just does not cut it! :)