Sunday, March 27, 2011

Foreword [I am proud]

Well, here I am. 30. It isn't all that bad. 
I have signed in tonight to share one of my birthday gifts with everyone. As all of you who have followed me are aware, my 20 days to 30 blog was sparked by one of my dearest friends AC. On my birthday I went for some ice cream with AC, where he presented me with an amazing gift. AC took all my blogs and made them into a printed book; it was complete with a "problogue" and an "epiblogue", and the cherry on top, a foreward written by AC, a letter to me. He is now officially my first editor, and I couldn't have asked for a better one. I waited a few days to keep this wonderful gift for myself and those closest to me...I am now ready to share it with the world. Read below for AC's foreward, now a part of one of the most amazing things I have ever done for myself. I am honored to know that AC was there with me every step of the way, editing ad reflecting in his own way as I did some inner work. I know he wasn't the only one. Enjoy.

Foreword [I am proud]
I did it.
I went and opened my mouth, in jest for the most part, but out of genuine concern that someone might mistake my wonderful, interesting, funny, intelligent, beautiful and witty friend for a nasty, dull, humorless, dumb, ugly and slow one.  I thought it might help you sell more crafts.  I never expected to get the message later that evening with a link to your first post and discover that my observation had sparked a journey (albeit a relatively short one considering your age {ha!}) to discover yourself.

I waited daily (as I know many others did) to see what you had in your bag of tricks.  Some things I already knew about you, and some were entirely fresh perspectives.  I found myself reflecting on your courage and determination; the ingredients necessary to examine yourself in such a deep and public (gasp!) way every evening.  You inspired me to get back to doing a little writing myself and gave me the confidence to proceed with a very important phase of development in my own life right now.  I found your posts profound at times, silly at others but truly spoken from the heart – exactly how I would describe you as a person and a friend.
So this is my 30th birthday present to you.  I thought that there might be people without access to the internet, or a general disdain for all things ‘techie’ that should have the opportunity to see what you have been working on.  And though it is far from a real book, it is something worth putting on a shelf and taking down from time to time to hold in your hands and feel.  I took some liberties with typeface, layout and corrections (there weren’t many except for your penchant for using a single space after periods.)  I left the rest intact because, even though ‘grammar-correct’ on Microsoft Word disagreed in some spots, when you write like you speak the true ‘Jamie I know’ comes shining through.  I’ll consider it my first editing job and I couldn’t imagine working with a better author.  I am very proud of you and you should feel a great sense of accomplishment.
If someone had told you 20 days ago that you needed to have a 12,000 word, 20-page paper, describing yourself due on the 23rd of March, you probably would have thought it nearly impossible.  Well, here it is.  And it is impressive.
Just like you.
All my love,

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