Sunday, March 6, 2011

I am aware of extraordinary growth

Day 4

I've hit the wall. I had a feeling it would happen, but not this soon.

I had only priority for this blog; to keep it organic, to pay attention during each day to my actions, thoughts and ideas. And from that, write about myself. I have lots of ideas for topics, but I don't want to write about topics I have thought about in advance. I want to be inspired by one event in a day, and then share. Maybe some of those "thought of in advance" topics will come out, but only if it is right.

So today, a typical Sunday. I went grocery shopping. Worked on some photographs and marketing for my Etsy site. Slept in a little. Enjoyed a dinner with my family, where EPB made me laugh until I cried yet again. Listened to some Gaga and Mumford while HAB got some driving practice in. It was just an ordinary day. I didn't have any major revelations, or even any small revelations. And as the day went on I was thinking about how I had NOTHING major about my day that was really worth reflecting or writing about, or really worth sharing.

And at this very moment while writing, my  moment came. The process of writing about my ordinary day is what is helping me to reflect (talk about amazing!). Everyday doesn't have to be monumentally revealing. Some days are just ordinary. But they are still worth paying attention to. I am aware that having a regular old dinner with the people you love is better than most things I can think of. I am aware that the small things add up to become the really big things. And that sometimes you just have to take a time out from being super focused on your thoughts and ideas and actions, and just relax for a day. And that can be reflective all in itself.

And so, as I learned in grad school, and as I tell my students I work with now, it is about the process, not the end result. For me tonight, the process helped me get to the end result. That doesn't always happen, but I know one thing for sure: I will always learn from the process. Even when it is just an ordinary day.We may never arrive at the ultimate moment of self-reflection in each day, but if we can at least make sure we pay attention to how great the small things are, we are alive and growing.

About me:
1. I am a rightionist who is striving to wing it every once in a while.
2. I am inspired by others; I am on this earth to relate to others. I am a social worker.
3. I love stuff, until it turns to shit.
4. I am aware of extraordinary growth, even on ordinary days.

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