Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pinterest Fails

I woke up feeling VERY crafty today. I got on Pinterest to look for a dish to pass at Easter dinner tomorrow, and found a few things I wanted to try today. I wanted to try something fun on my nails, and decided that I would make cake pops for Easter. I dragged Haley along with me off to Michael's for scrap paper, cake supplies and whatever other things I thought of along the way.

Before we could get to work we met my sister and my nieces at a Bounceland, a large building full of blow up toys you can bounce on. We had a great time...I even decided to race my sister in a inflatable obstacle course that the little kids made look easy. She kicked my butt, and I felt like I had just ran 5 miles in 30 seconds. I thought Jillian Michaels was tough-she's got nothing on Bounceland! Haley snapped a pic before we left:

When we got home we went right to work making cakes. As they were baking, I began project number two. Here are some pics that I was going to attempt to re-create using links to blogs on Pinterest:

The instructions for this cute manicure state you should use laser prints to get the ink to transfer, but one user commented that you could use scrapbook paper with the same results. Nope, not true. Should have followed the instructions, but I don't have a laser printer. Not discouraged yet, I decided to try another manicure technique I also saw on Pinterest-marbled nails:
Also a major fail. Now I was getting frustrated. I decided to just try my own thing, and came up with this:

Good enough for me, not nearly fancy enough to put on Pinterest. I see so many cool things on Pinterest, and sometimes I forget that it really isn't as easy as people make it out to be. Or I just suck at crafts. So as my cakes cool and I prepare to make cake pops I hope I don't end up throwing out a bunch of cake from frustration. If they turn out like I want them to I will post some pics. If not, I am going to be stopping for a pre-made cake tomorrow before dinner :)

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