Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Frustration

What a rough week for health. After my 6 mile run last Saturday, I was so excited to try the same outside. On Sunday and Monday I was really sore from the Saturday run, but felt up to trying a short run on Tuesday. Right up until I was ready to walk out the door. I even said to Warren that I wasn't feeling good about the run. Sure enough, I struggled through the run. My legs felt heavy, I couldn't breathe, and less than a half mile in I started having bad pain in my left ankle, shin and calf. I cut it short and walked home. I rested for 3 days, and tried again today. More of the same. I made it half a mile before the pain in my left leg was back. I tried to fight through it, but it was too painful. I only made it this far:
I was so frustrated I cried. And then I felt like an even bigger idiot because I was in a park full of people limping back to my car crying. People probably thought I was badly injured or was just my ego though. :)

I am hoping I am just worn out this week and don't have a stress fracture or something. I have got bad news a few times this week, and haven't been sleeping well. I also have been unable to keep myself from eating potato chips  and chocolate. Not good. I really pushed myself to do that 6 miles, and I am now kind of beating myself up for pushing it when I may not have been ready. It's also kinda ironic that I am struggling with pain the week after I attended a "Good Form Running" clinic. Go figure.

Next week I am getting away on a long weekend, so I am hoping that I can rest and reset. My first 5K of the year is the following weekend, and I really want to do well. 

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