Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stress Habits

I hate stress. I know how to keep my stress low-I have lots of ways to do that. I run or do yoga, I read, call or see my friends or have a glass of wine (I know you aren't supposed to use alcohol for stress relief, but it just works sometimes!). The thing is, I am really good at doing all these things to keep my stress low, until I am really stressed. Then they become the hardest things in the world to do. This week has been a high stress week for me.  I quit running, I don't eat healthy, I stay up late and oversleep and rush around in the mornings. And when I do this, I feel even more stressed. On Friday, I was really excited about working up to a 6 mile run by the early to mid week. I haven't ran since Monday....and struggled to get 2 miles that day.

 In the past, I use a day or two of vacation to reset and get back to healthy. I need to figure out how to sustain the motivation and energy I have to be healthy and well even when I am more stressed. I am working really hard to tap into my "motivation trees"; I hope that works. I really want to accomplish the 6 mile run so I am confident to sign up for the 10K, which is my goal this summer. Hopefully the weekend will help me to reset...I don't want to have to rely on vacation days all the time...but I might the good with relying on the wine! :) If you have ideas please feel free to share!

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